Yes, This Really Is The Worst Movie Death Scene Ever

When I saw this video flying around the internet yesterday, I thought, "Can it really be the worst movie death scene ever?" And then I watched it, and lo, it is indeed the worst movie death scene ever.


The only scene I can think of that comes close is this now legendary scene from Troll 2:

But even this scene, I mean… it's bad, but it's not nearly as bad as the one above from Kareteci Kız 1973. I honestly don't think anything could be worse.


I'm sure a lot of you have seen this by now, but I wanted to share it for anyone who hadn't. Because everyone deserves to have this in their lives.

What's your favorite movie death scene of all time? Do you watch a lot of Turkish cinema? Is this scene famous among fans of Turkish cinema? Do you, too, want to watch the entire film now?

Feel free to talk movies or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. It's the weekend! There are so many good games out. Go play them all, but don't forget to go outside some, too.

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