Yes, There Is A New Punisher Game Coming

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Marvel weren't screwin' around when they were teasing a new Punisher game the other day. Only a week after dropping the hints, Sony have today announced Punisher: No Mercy, a PSN game in development at little-known Hungarian devs Zen Studios. Little was revealed about the game aside from the fact it's an "arena-based multiplayer" title and that it's going to be powered by the Unreal Engine 3, but Punisher/Marvel fans, don't let that stop you from crafting some unrealistic expectations for yourselves. The Punisher: No Mercy Coming Exclusively to PSN [PlayStaton.Blog]


I still have that NES Punisher game lying in a box somewhere. It wasn't that bad, but when I bought it back then, I was expecting the arcade game, which was totally kick ass, or so my memory wants me to believe.