I hesitate to call it a "military band" because technically Japan doesn't have a military – it has a "Self-Defense Force."

Senbon Zakura (千本桜), one of the popular songs featuring virtual idol Hatsune Miku, made its debut to the internet back in 2011. Since its initial release, the song has become one of Miku's staple songs with subsequent remixes and covers galore.

Now, the Central Band of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force, one of Japan's most dignified orchestras – often employed in prestigious events such as at ceremonies welcoming foreign dignitaries, high-ranking officials, and state guests – has released a short video of their performing Senbon Zakura in orchestral awesomeness.

The video was originally released on Japan's popular video site, Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) as a friendly announcement of their participation in the Nico Nico Cho Party III (ニコニコ超パーティーIII), an event displaying performances of all sorts from singing and dancing to video game lets plays.

The Central Band posted this message along with their video:

"Greetings everyone, we are the Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band and this is the first musical cover video. As an announcement of our participation in the Nico Nico Cho Party III, we have covered the song, Senbon Zakura! This is our first vocaloid song performance as the Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band. Please enjoy."

The Central Band will be performing on April 26th, the first day of the 2-day event. The details of what they will play and how they will play it is as of yet unconfirmed, but from the brief "God Medley" (神メドレー) image at the beginning of the released video, they probably have a lot more popular song covers in store.


The Nico Nico Cho Party III will be held at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM on April 26th, and from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM on April 27th. There will also be a pay-per-view live stream and a free lesser quality 360 degree camera live stream.

ニコニコ超パーティIII supported by an [ニコニコ超パーティIII supported by an]

陸上自衛隊中央音楽隊 [陸上自衛隊中央音楽隊]

【演奏してみた】陸上自衛隊中央音楽隊「千本桜」【超パーティーⅢ出演記念】 [ニコニコ動画]

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