Yes, Someone At Google Is *Slightly* Triforce Obsessed

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When Earth Day rolled around, an army of Kotaku tipsters pointed out the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda's cameo in Google's holiday logo. Turns out that's happened more than once. A lot more than once.

Google apparently has an... enthusiastic Legend of Zelda fan on staff, as Google Blogoscoped points out, highlighting eight of who knows how many appearances of the Nintendo trademark in various specialized corporate logos. Commenters on the blog dug up four more. What's the secret?

They just employ a talented Zelda fan. And when I say "fan," I mean cosplaying Link-caliber fan. All signs point to Google web illustrator and web designer Susie Sahim, whose many doodles feature a Triforce signature.


While Sahim has been deferring requests for comment to her Google overlords, we'd think her obvious interests are reflected in her work. And that if anyone found this Google-Triforce crossover mysterious, that mystery should be considered solved.

Or is it?!!

(Yes, it really is.)

The Great Google Doodle Triforce Conspiracy [Google Blogoscoped - thanks, Ulysses!]

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