Yes, I Want A Faceless Rex DOTA 2 Courier

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Remember Valve’s “rejected” DOTA 2 character designs? Well, the guy who made Faceful Void into a reality is back, this time with something that could actually make it through Valve’s selection process.

MaxOfS2D has put up a Steam Workshop page for an itsy bitsy Faceless Rex courier, with an adorable stompy sprint and a formidable-looking flying form. Check it out:

Unlike Faceful Void, which was more of a joke than a proper attempt at DOTA 2 modding, MaxOfS2D and co appear to be going all out on Faceless Rex. Will Valve un-reject the tiny dinosaur sensation? I have no idea, but I will say this: turning down something that wriggles and flips with that much concentrated cuteness is grounds for having your license to soul revoked. Volvo please.


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