Yes, Even Duke Nukem Is Art

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In this case quite literally, as artist Aram Bartholl explores in his exhibition called Hurt Me Plenty, which uses games like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom as a case study in perspective and immersion.


In this clip, Bartholl takes you on a tour of the exhibition (which is running in Berlin until November 1), explaining the process behind it and showing you how some of the more involved stuff - like a section where you can destroy hard drives - works.

A First-Person Tour of Aram Bartholl's First-Person Shooter Art Exhibition [Make]


Mortal Dictata

The argument that videogames can't be art is about as logical as saying films can't be art i.e. It's complete Bullshit.

Personally when people use the phrase 'Modern Art' I believe it should apply to the new medium of Videogames, rather than the crazy bullshit that passes for art today, such as a crystal skull with diamonds, a preserved cow, and a bouncy castle Stonehenge.