Yep, This is Modern Video Gaming

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The people who run mega-giant-huge gaming company EA have said they want to put out few games. Probably to be like their rivals at Activision. Make a few huge console and PC games and maybe they'll be golden. But they also believe in something else you may have heard about: that mobile games, Facebook games and free-to-play games are on the rise.

So, when you look at the chart above, take note that what you're looking at in the quarter three line-up—October through December of 2012—consists off all of EA's heavyweight games for the big holiday season. And what do you see? Three console/PC game: the next Need for Speed, the next Medal of Honor and FIFA Manager '13

Illustration for article titled Yep, This is Modern Video Gaming

For fans of console and PC games, you'll see that there are more games coming out for those machines in "Q4", which is January through the end of March 2013. Only three are listed in the chart here, so you get to guess which games will fill out the rest of their winter. Some new Dragon Age? Something for Wii U? Who knows.

But the numbers 3 and 18 on the top chart should jump out to you.

No need to fret. The three games could be amazing, and more mobile games could continue to up the quality of what's playable on phones. It might all be good; but it is also very different. This is modern video games.

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Christopher Buecheler

Well, I don't play mobile, I don't play social, and I absolutely don't play free-to-play. I guess the silver lining is: it's going to make keeping up with the PC and console games I actually care about much easier.