It's cool that Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse is in Far Cry 3, though perhaps funnier that the poor kid is doomed to be called "McLovin" for the rest of his life. I mean I still call Sean William Scott "Stifler" even all these years later.

(Side note: Did you know that Stifler's insult for Finch in American Pie was "Shitbreak" and not "Shitbrick"? Because Finch had to go home to take a dump. I had NO IDEA this was true, I always thought it was shitbrick. Which is way funnier, in my estimation. Shitbreak is terrible. Anyway. The more you know.)

Er, okay. So this video from Gamefront shows how to track down McLovin, who also starred in the game's goofy promotional web series. If you find him, you'll earn the the "Say Hi to the Internet" achievement.

Far Cry 3: Say Hi to the Internet Achievement Guide [Easter Egg] [Gamefront]