Yee's California Game Law Up For Appeal

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Wednesday sees the return of our old friend Leland Yee as he and California Governor T-101 attempt once again to get their violent video game law passed, this time in the Federal Court of Appeals. The law, which was shot down last year in federal court for being unconstitutional, sought to prevent children from purchasing games that contained "especially heinous, cruel or depraved" violence, putting in place $1,000 fines for retailers who sold such titles to minors. In preparation for this Wednesday's appeal, Senator Yee practiced his spiel.

"This is the same technology the armed forces use to help soldiers kill the enemy," said state Sen. Leland Yee, the San Francisco Democrat who wrote the legislation. "All we're saying is, 'Don't sell it to kids.' "

I predict this appeal will get them absolutely nowhere, though I suppose we can't fault them for using taxpayers' money to check back every now and then, just in case the Constitution changed while we weren't looking. California violent-video-game law faces showdown in federal appeals court [Mercury News via Gamasutra]

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Okay, I'm confused here...isn't this what we want? Don't they fine/punish theaters for admitting children under age 18 to R-Rated films?

Or is this just a blanket "Don't sell video games at all" vs. "Don't sell M/T rated games to children under that age"?

Because the retailer should be responsible if a minor puchases a game they shouldn't have. It's infinately better than fining the buyer if they're able to buy the game. (Minnesota attempted to pass such a law last year)