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Years Later, Some Can't Tell Who's On Street Fighter II Turbo's Japanese Cartridge

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You are looking at the cartridge art for Street Fighter II Turbo’s Japanese release. It’s not only different from the US version but more mysterious. Can you tell who is on the cover? Ryu? Chun-Li? Which character is it?


Twitter user Tekitouaki wrote that for years, he thought that Ryu was on the cartridge art. 


This tweet went viral in Japan and was even covered on major sites like IT Media and My Game News Flash. People replied, comparing eyebrows and writing that they were either “Team Chun-Li” or “Team Ryu.”

Former Capcom artist Akira Yasuda, who created so much iconic Street Fighter art, even chimed in, writing, “I’d say it’s Chun-Li.”


The Street Fighter II cartridge features Ryu, so yes, the one in question does show Chun-Li. And now you know!

Update 11/20 - 7:30 AM EST: This story has been updated to reflect Ryu’s appearance on the SFII cartridge.

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Almost certainly Chun-Li - the white ribbon seals it. Yes, there are white headband versions of Ryu but, even with those, they rarely ‘flow’ like that and the red version is much more iconic and common.