World of Warcraft update 6.1 just launched, and it adds all sorts of new stuff: a selfie cam, racing, new blood elf character models, and more. On top of that, players have discovered many hidden fixes, among them the satisfying squashing of a bug that's been plaguing the game for years.

As documented by ZwuckeL, the bug was nothing game-breaking, but it was irritating as all hell. In short, sometimes when clicking on the screen to shift your camera angle, the camera would suddenly jolt into strange, often uncomfortable positions—insolently mocking your status as an almighty Operator and Computer God. As ZwuckeL explained it:

"On random occasions WoW will center your mouse cursor for a split second when you either right or left click. Since the mouse button is often registered as clicked at that very split second, it will move the camera around in a weird way."

The bug—which many assumed was caused by lag or mouse issues—led to everything from characters turning around at unexpected moments to mis-targeted heals in crucial raids. I personally can't even remember when it first popped up, but I recall dealing with it way back in my raiding heyday, back when Burning Crusade first came out. That means this bug is at least eight years old.

Players like ZwuckeL raised their voices in unison to bring the issue to Blizzard's attention. The WoW creator, it seems, finally got the message. I'm happy to report that Patch 6.1 appears to have stomped the bug into a glorious crater from whence it will (hopefully) never return. Players, too, are pretty fucking stoked:


Of course, as always, the new patch has also brought with it a whole host of new issues—at least, according to the official World of Warcraft forums and Reddit—so the endless game of whack-a-mole continues. It's nice that the camera glitch is finally gone, though. This fix, I think we can all agree, was looooooooong overdue.


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