Yeah, Looks Like NBA Jam Is Coming To The Xbox 360 & PS3

What, you don't trust the UnterhaltungssoftwareSelbstkontrolle? Then you'll have to take the ESRB's word instead that NBA Jam is headed to the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3.


The basketball title, which at the moment is only officially bound for the Nintendo Wii, was earlier this month rated by the USK - Germany's ratings board - for the 360 & PS3. Now that America's Entertainment Software Rating Board has done the same, it's looking increasingly likely that EA Sports' remake of the 1993 classic will indeed be made available for Sony and Microsoft's console.

The only question would be, how much longer would we have to wait for these (likely) superior versions? I mean, I applaud EA's attempts to breathe a little life into the third-party Wii software market, but if I have the choice between NBA Jam on the Wii and NBA Jam in high definition with proper online play on the 360 or PS3, I'll take the latter.

[thanks Video Man!]

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