Yaris Yanked From Xbox Live?

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Normally we'd object to the removal of choice when it comes to our Xbox Live Arcade games. If we want to play your crap shovelware, who are you to tell us otherwise, Microsoft? But in the case of the free-to-download XBLA "game" Yaris... well, we've played Yaris. Nobody should play Yaris. It's not worth the electricity expended to keep the Xbox 360 on long enough to complete the download. That's why we're not exactly saddened to learn that Yaris has disappeared from the Xbox Live Marketplace, a little over a year after going live.Yaris has even be de-listed from Xbox.com — the English language United States specific version, anyway — with the game detail page now playing dumb as to its existence. There's no mention of the game on the publicly available Marketplace. Tipster AJ writes "It's taken off, and it won't even show downloads from it on your played game history." The removal may be due to an expired contract agreement with Toyota or simply an act of benevolence. We're checking with Microsoft to see if this is merely an oversight or if the game has been officially de-listed as part of the company's new rules, a move the company may have reconsidered.


While this game was absolutely TERRIBLE I still object to its removal. Why? Because NOTHING should be removed. EVER. What's the advantage of LOSING options?

That to me is the point of downloadable games. Available FOREVER. Otherwise what's the point of downloads vs. physical media? At least with physical media you can always go back to it. If you uninstall something, or miss the game when it first becomes available and its removed then that's it, game over, no hope of ever getting it back.

Seriously, how much space does it take to store this crappy game? Where's the benefit to consumers?