Yakuza 4 Will Feature Hostesses

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When Sega released the localized version of crime game Yakuza 3, it took out the hostesses. Some people made a big stink. (I hate it when jerks do that!) And now, Sega is releasing Yakuza 4.


The Western version will have hostesses. Sega confirmed this to website Siliconera. Other Yakuza 4 mini-games like mahjong and shogi have not been finalized yet. Sega's arcade quiz game Answer x Answer, which is in the Japanese version, will not be in the localized version. If Sega decided to localize the 1,000 questions the Answer x Answer mini game features, the Western release would be pushed past spring 2011.


But Yakuza 4 will get localized bar girls! So that means that, yes, Western players will be able to chat up porn star Rio, star of Squirting Young Wife and Let's Have Sex at School. She appears in Yakuza 4 as a hostess.

Over 1,500 young women applied to appear in Yakuza 4 as hostesses. Here are the ladies who made the final cut.


Yakuza 4 Will Have Hostess Clubs, Maybe Mahjong [Siliconera]

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Do you think there are some hostesses that sleep w/ their customers?