Yakuza 3's PAL Collector's Edition Is Also Its Regular Edition

Illustration for article titled Yakuza 3s PAL Collectors Edition Is Also Its Regular Edition

Most high profile games these days have a regular edition and a collector's edition. Yakuza 3, however - at least in PAL territories - will only have a collector's edition. Making it regular!


Sega announced today that only one version of the game is to released in Europe and Australasia, with that version given a standard price along with some not-so-standard inclusions.

Bundled along with the game itself will be a 31-song soundtrack, an interactive "beginner's guide" to the history and relationships of the series' characters (very handy considering few people will have played the preceding games) and four pieces of DLC for the title (which, admittedly, were released in Japan for free) included on the disc.


Sure, it's a little on the thin side compared to collector's editions that you pay extra for, but for what are essentially free additions, it's a nice touch.

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Good lord, there's no way they attached a graphic designer to this project. I bet the translators themselves were responsible for every aspect of this release, which would explain the terrible, terrible cover, and how crappy that little "beginner's guide" looks.

Regardless, I'll still be jealous when we inevitably don't get this in America. I atleast hope our release includes the DLC and that they don't try to pull something like charging for it.