XCOM's Big Fall Expansion In Glorious, Robo-Punching Action

This November, Kotaku game-of-the-year-winner XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting its first substantial expansion, Enemy Within. It'll feature a bunch of new abilities, weapons, enemies, and other changes. It sounds really good.


With this new trailer, we can see that it looks pretty good, too. Mech soldiers, genetically enhanced soldiers, the new "Mechtoid" enemy, as well as a new teleporting, invisible enemy that is apparently called a "Seeker." Also, at the end of the trailer you can watch a mech soldier fight a Mechtoid, culminating with an extend-o-punch straight out of Pacific Rim.

(Which, yes, while this goes a bit beyond my anime-cred, that rocket-punch in Pacific Rim was an homage to Mazinger Z, but it's the thought, and massive robo-punch, that counts.) Enemy Within will be out on November 12 for PC and consoles. I'm pumped.

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