XCOM Has the Freakiest Display At PAX Prime 2011

Illustration for article titled emXCOM/em Has the Freakiest Display At PAX Prime 2011

This XCOM display, which features no real human beings, is a head-turner here at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.


Does this make you want to play the game? The retro sci-fi first-person shooter has been sounding much better than it used to, but this thing is just a freak show. It did get me to write about XCOM. Which I guess was the point.


(At least this was interesting to look at, as opposed to that Prototype 2 bad PAX idea.)

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Can you original XCOM fan babies get over your temper tantrum? "Waaah it's an FPS," Waaah it's not exactly the same as how I want it to be."

Get over it. The same type of people whined about Fallout 3 "not being a fallout game" and Bethesda delivered a fantastic RPG that happened to be in the first person perspective. 2K Marin is made up of people who all played and loved the original XCOM. Just because it's in a First Person Perspective doesn't mean it won't have the same tactics and strategy that you loved from the original game.

XCOM looks FANTASTIC. All you whiners can talk about is how it's changed from how the games were over a decade ago. You're doing the developers a disservice and I'm sick of it.