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Xbox Summer Fest Will Debut Over 60 Demos You Can Try At Home

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With in-person gaming events out of the question this year, Xbox is turning to a digital alternative to show off some upcoming Xbox One games. Starting on July 21, the Summer Games Fest Demo Event will allow players to check out early builds for a ton of games from their couches rather than a crowded convention center.


According to Xbox’s announcement, this online showcase will included 75-100 game previews, with at least 60 of those being brand new. Unlike the official demos that normally appear on Xbox Live, however, these are very much work-in-progress. Think of them like the show floor demos one might see at an E3, PAX, or Gamescom.

The event’s lineup will include time-bending role-playing game Cris Tales, the upcoming remaster of Xbox classic Destroy All Humans!, creepy sci-fi Souls-like Hellpoint, minimized skateboarding sim Skatebird, and biographical adventure Welcome to Elk.


While it’s possible the demos might appear on Xbox Live later on, many of the games featured in the Summer Games Fest Demo Event are expected to disappear after July 27.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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I’ve thought for a while that this kind of things would be the best use of game streaming, game demos and previews. End users would be able to quickly boot up a demo of interest and play through it without having to download. Bonus of added security for the developer with no concern for data mining and the like.

Though the server load would likely be an issue for an event period for game streaming, and probably less of an issue when they’re just able to download what they want to try.