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Dude Builds An Xbox Series X That's Over Six-Foot Tall

And you thought the retail version of the console was bulky

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What is this, a series now? One guy builds a tiny little PS5 so someone else has to go out and build an enormous Xbox Series X?

(Obviously not, it’s just weird we’ve got two of these kind of things in one week!)


Michael Pick, aka The Casual Engineer, was inspired by Microsoft’s own attempts at turning the Xbox Series X into a fridge, but then equally frustrated that the larger novelty console didn’t actually work as a console anymore. So he set out to make something even bigger, and this time, build something that was still a functional video game console.

The result? This enormous Xbox Series X that stands over 2m (6'5") tall and 1m (3') wide. And OK, while this took less hardware sorcery than shrinking a PS5 into a case that was only one inch wide, there’s still an impressive level of craft and detail that has gone into this build.


First up, it works, you can plug this into a TV and play Halo on it no worries (the huge wooden frame actually has...a regular retail unit inside it). But Pick also went to the trouble of fleshing out the (now enormous) details of the console, like building replicas of all the correct ports and labels to go into the back of the console, which look very cool in their blown-up size.

I surprised ZHC with the World’s Largest XBOX Series X

For what it’s worth the build is now the Guinness World Record holder for “Largest Xbox Console” (which is a slight stretch since this is really just a frame for a regular Xbox, but whatever). And if you’ve come this far without watching the whole thing, and are wondering what now becomes of such an Absolute Unit, the good news is that it has been donated to a YMCA in Atlanta so that kids can play on a console that takes up a hilariously excessive amount of space in the room.