Xbox One S Sold As Ultra HD Blu-ray Player In Japan

[Image: Faster4Real]
[Image: Faster4Real]

Yes, things are terrible for the Xbox One in Japan. Everybody knows that. But did you know that one major retailer is selling the console as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player? It’s true.


The Bic Camera in Yurakucho, one of the biggest electronics stores in Tokyo, is selling the Xbox One S as first and foremost an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The photos below were snapped by YouTuber Gaijin Hunter.

The top of the notice reads “Super Cheap!!” and “Recommended!!” The bottom part of the notice reads, “If it’s Xbox One S, you can also play video games.” It’s like the playing video games part is an added feature, not the feature.

But is this sales pitch working? Well, the most recent weekly Xbox One sales for Japan clocked in at 63 units sold...

However, this Twitter user claims to have bought an Xbox One S to watch hit anime Your Name on UHD BD.


While this Twitter user picked up an Xbox One S after getting a 4K television.


This is one of the cheapest Ultra HD Blu-ray players you can buy in Japan, so maybe this is helping sales, however small they are.

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I’m surprised this wasn’t a focus in the marketing way back when the XB1 S first came out in Japan or any region for that matter. They could’ve totally weaponized this feature back when Sony announced that the PS4 Pro WASN’T going to have UHD-BD playback.

I know I’m almost over the fence about it; I see myself getting the S JUST for UHD playback since it will most likely dip below $200 during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, probably way cheaper than the dedicated appliances. The vidya-gaming would just be icing at that point.