​Xbox One Mod Lets You Use PS4, Xbox 360 and Mouse/Keyboard Controls

Maybe you got an Xbox One and your fingers are mourning the loss of the Xbox 360 controllers. They need not grieve any longer. Modders have made it possible to use Microsoft's last-gen controller—or the one that comes with the competing PS4—with the brand-spanking-new Xbox One.


Via Eurogamer comes word of an update to the CronusMax mod—which enables cross-platform peripheral support on a variety of systems—that lets it work with the Xbox One. This latest update comes from the Team Xecuter mod collective. The video above demonstrates CronusMax mod in action, showing Killer Instinct being played with a DualShock 4 and a 360 controller and a few other peripherals. You'll also see Call of Duty: Ghosts being played with a mouse and keyboard set-up.

If you've got a beloved fight stick or favorite WASD hardware that you were going to put away, you might not have to anymore. Be warned that a mod like this might void any warranty for an Xbox One. It's also the kind of thing that Microsoft might be able to eliminate with a patch if they so choose. So tread carefully.


[Eurogamer, via NeoGAF]

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Well there's a sure sign you designed your controller badly if people want to change back.