Xbox One Games Can Be Traded In, If The Publisher Enables It

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After much waffling, Microsoft finally delivers a concrete answer on the ability to trade-in or resell your used Xbox One games — it's not up to them.


According to the "How Game Licensing Works On Xbox One" document released today by Microsoft, the console has been designed so publishers "can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers."

Crafty. Leaving the decision up to the publishers takes responsibility for potentially upsetting the player base out of Microsoft's hands, while pleasing publishers pressuring console makers to help put the kibosh on used sales. Plus we get something new to be angry with publishers over. Everybody wins!

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Exactly like the PS4. Not bad. Looks like the Wii U is the only home console this generation that's going to have a robust used game market.

Bad news for GameStop though. They're in for a rough ride : / Not to mention all the smaller mom and pop/cool nerdy guy gaming stores. Thankfully the one near me is primarily for retro gaming so I don't think they're going to take much of a hit, but it sucks to hear : (