Xbox Live Gets Double Impact, Half Price Deals In April

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Microsoft has laid out a good portion of the Xbox Live Marketplace release schedule for April, ensuring that no one will buy a copy of The Maw or Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned this week.


That's because both of those downloadable goodies will drop to half price later this month, priced at just 400 Microsoft Points for a limited time. The Maw for Xbox Live Arcade goes on sale April 12 with the Borderlands add-on The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned getting the half-off treatment one week later on April 19.

Left 4 Dead expansion pack Crash Course, which adds one mini-mission and a handful of new achievements to Valve's zombie apocalypse shooter, also drops to 320 Microsoft Points on April 12.


If you'd like to pay full price for something in April, consider Final Fight: Double Impact. The Xbox Live Arcade release, which features the classic side-scrolling beat 'em up Final Fight and the slightly less classic side-scrolling slash 'em up Magic Sword, hits the week of April 14 for 800 Microsoft Points.

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Hmm... is this Xbox Live competing with 2K, since they just released the on-disc DLC with Zombie Island and Mad Moxxi?

Even though I have Borderlands on 360, I don't have any of the DLC... on 360.

I bought Borderlands for PC this weekend, along with the DLC (at full price) on Steam.

I can be fairly confident Steam won't be discounting the DLC any time soon though, since they did that a few months ago, so I shan't feel too bad about buying my DLC full price anytime soon (fingers crossed).