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The Xbox Live Arcade library expands this week with the highly anticipated arrival of much beloved classics Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio Tangram from Sega and Banjo Tooie from Rare. It also gets... Sorry!

We don't envy Habro Family Game Night's newest addition, which will likely be overlooked by the arrival of Rare's Nintendo 64 collect-a-thon and Sega's giant mech Virtuaroid brawler, but Sorry! may also be fondly remembered. I remember it. Maybe just not fondly.


Rounding out the busy week is the new ‘Speeder Lane' game add-on for Twisted Pixel's XBLA game The Maw. That's the cheapest of this week's new game contributions, as it weighs in at just 100 Microsoft Points. Sorry! won't apologize for its price at 800 Microsoft Points and both Virtual On and Banjo Tooie ring up at 1200 Microsoft Points.

All new XBLA hits this Wednesday.

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