Well, just fancy that. The results of the Xbox 360 Holiday Entertainment Survey are out and what do you know, this year we will be staying at home, wishing for video games, watching movies without going to the cinema and trying to 'bring the family together' with one reasonably priced gift. If only there were some kind of entertainment product on the market that could address these simple, human needs! Cynicism aside, the survey - into people’s holiday entertainment activities, behaviors and trends - does turn up a few interesting nuggets. On average, those surveyed plan to spend around 16% less on gifts this year and 64% of parents would like to play more games as a shared family activity. Check after the jump for some more numbers.XBox 360 Holiday Entertainment Survey 2008 60% plan to stay at or close to home to save money 71% are looking for one gift to bring the family together 89% hunt for gifts that keep on giving 81% of adults in households with children are looking for gifts that provide entertainment in the home 86% of young adults hope for at least one video game 40% of adults will visit movie theaters less than last year 23% plan to watch more films at home