Xbox Fall Update Leaked, Hacked, Relatively Useless

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An early beta version of Microsoft's Fall Xbox Experience dashboard update for the 360 has made its way onto the internet via the usual file sharing sites, and modders and hackers have been working overtime to get the thing up and running on their consoles. xHaVoK87 has been constantly updating readers on his progress in getting the dash functional on his box, and as of his most recent update it looks like he's been successful. Congratulations! You now have a buggy beta version of the Fall dash update, complete with font errors, missing graphics, and none of the actual features that are supposed to be coming to revolutionize the Xbox Live Experience. In essence, your hacked Xbox now looks different. Way to go. Work is currently being done towards an install solution for retail Xbox 360 systems, but you know what? I'll just wait. Hit the jump for a clip of the new dash in action, or hit the link for the full rundown of how they did it. Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard 08 Leaked! [xHaVoK87's Blog - Thanks Madgame]


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Nickatiah:The effort that goes into this stuff by some people who really don't want to pay for games could be used to make some of these same people quite well off. It's just amazing.

@hexdsl:Seeing how the industry is driven by factors outside of those you might know of, I'd These people do not help the games industry as much as you might think. And loads of them -can- afford games, but do not want to spend money..and by that letter, when did it become okey for you to play video games if you can't pay for them? You folks are the reason the PSP's attachment rate is in the crapper, do you know that?

@MojoTeq:I think your giving most of these folks too much praise. If they are really the sweetness and light you say they are, why aren't they using it on the other side, in the production of this stuff at the various developers?