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Xbox 360's Game Room Wants You to Rebuy Your "Arcade"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When the Xbox 360 gets its Game Room later this year, players will have to repopulate the arcade with titles no matter what they have already purchased through Xbox Live, Game Informer reports.

That's because Microsoft considers the Game Room titles, which are "originals, different from the Xbox Live Arcade titles, which are revamps, GI reports. That sounds like a bit of a stretch to me, especially considering the fact that there isn't much added in the way of gameplay or elements, just an on-rails 3D environment in which to play the games.


And what happens when we move to a new console down the line? Will that require yet another repurchase of all of the games we already own because it's a different environment?

I'm not sure I'd be willing to bite, at least not until the Game Room lets me wander around, sandbox-style, inside the arcade.


If you missed it, and are curious how the room looks and works, check out our narrated hands-on from CES.

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