Xbox 360's Fall Update Is Live

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The annual fall update for Xbox Live is up and ready for download. The update boasts improved features like a new dashboard (for everyone), and for Americans stuff like ESPN services, a Zune Music Pass, Netflix Search and more.


Regular users of Xbox Live will also be treated to improved voice chat quality, it'll be easier to create a new Gamertag right on the console and wireless network connectivity.

As previously detailed, the update features enhanced Zune integration, family programming, sleek Avatars and soothing music for dashboard dummies.

More details at Xbox Live's Major Nelson.

Xbox 360 Dashboard update is now available - Xbox Live's Major Nelson [Major Nelson]


You know what? Fukk this $h!t! My 360 just got the red rings of death, for the second time. I'm done with Xbox. I was playing Ultimate MK III yesterday and I noticed it would freeze and put lines down my screen. Now it shows red rings. Second time this happened.

No update for me. I'm putting the 360 away for good and just use my PS3/PC.

!@$%$^#^#$%^@@$ Gonna break it it to pieces!!!