Xbox 360 with $100 Card for $200 This Weekend?

Illustration for article titled Xbox 360 with $100 Card for $200 This Weekend?

A retail tipster sends word that Walmart will be selling an Xbox 360 Arcade with a $100 gift card for $199 this Saturday.


The retailer will also be selling a Sony BluRay player for $148, according to our source, who included an image from the retailer's computer system showing the deals.

Sounds like a great deal or two, though as with all rumors, make sure to take this with a grain of salt until we can get verification or the official news hits on Wednesday.


Holy crap that would be a deal. You could essentially daisy chain the gift cards after the initial purchase to keep buying 360s for $100. I can't imagine this is real. Either that or the gift card must carry some limitation to prevent this and any sort of reseller abuse. #xbox360