Before we start, things to keep in mind: This is at one store in Osaka's electronics district, Den-Den Town. At this same store, something like ten people showed up for the Xbox 360 launch.

Japanese otaku blog Ota Road points out the discrepancy between retailer Sofmap's first floor in-store displays for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Both consoles share the same floor, yet the Xbox 360 gets a proper set-up, complete with display hardware, peripherals, and games — all part of Microsoft's new in-store campaign that launched with the price cuts.

And the PS3? The PLAYSTATION 3 gets the bottom shelves of the Nintendo aisle, right next to the Wii. (Next to the Wii? THE PS3 IS DOOMED — whatever!) Wonder where the PS3 games are, though? Perhaps they're somewhere else in the store... Thing is, there doesn't seem to be a dedicated PS3 aisle.


Bright side: At least the PS3 is next to the DS, and hey, the Wii. Sony can ski in Nintendo's wake. Whooosh!

クリスマス、年末、年始商戦はXbox360が主戦力? PS3コーナーはどんどん奥へ移動 [Ota Road]