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Now that the Summer of Live Arcade is over, Xbox Live Arcade is back to business as usual in a rather unusual fashion, releasing not one, not two, but three new games. Tomorrow sees the release of the ultimate battle between good and stupid as Blazing Lizard's Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball hits the XBLA, along with CrunchTime Games' space-shooter Shred Nebula, both at 800 Microsoft points. Joining the two bigger titles is Gin Rummy (400 Microsoft points), a card game I am pretty sure my grandmother used to play, though I might be mixing that up with Cribbage. So, you guys planning on picking up any of these? Which ones? If your answer is Gin Rummy, congratulations on figuring out how to use a computer to surf the web. Tell your helpful grandson I said hi! This week on Arcade: Shred Nebula, Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball and Gin Rummy [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]

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