XBLA This Week: Axel & Pixel Meet Sam & Max

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It's Adventure Time on Xbox Live Arcade this week, when a boy and his dog meet up with a dog and his feral rabbit-looking thing.


I completely approve of more adventure games on Xbox Live Arcade, even if one of those games is a collection of short, bite-sized Sam & Max adventures previously released on the PC and Nintendo Wii. Sam & Max Season 2, which Telltale renamed Beyond Time & Space, sees the detective duo travelling across through time and space, running into famous historical figures like Santa Claus and Satan. It's a bit pricier than most xbox Live Arcade games at 1600 Microsoft points, but you get a great deal of game for those points.

Joining Sam and Max are Axel & Pixel by Czech studio Silver Wish Games. Axel & Pixel combines point and click adventuring with some strange driving levels, with an art style that impressed Totilo considerably. If anything it's pleasant to look at, priced nicely at 800 Microsoft points.


These are exactly the sort of games I would relax with if we weren't in the midst of the fall review season. Play them for me, and let me know how they go?

This week on Arcade: Axel & Pixel and Sam & Max Season 2 [Major Nelson]

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Here's hoping Axel & Pixel doesn't pull a Lucidity on me, because it, too, does look fantastic.