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MTV's Stephen Totilo is a stalker, you heard it here first.

OK, second, he actually recently posted about how he stalks his friends on Xbox Live, using the service to see what people are playing and when they play it.


Here's his bit about me:

On Sunday morning, for example, I noticed that one friend was online but "away." I checked his most recent Achievements and saw he had won some from "Ninja Gaiden II" but had done so seven hours earlier. I concluded that he had been playing the game late Saturday night and had let the game idle overnight, I presumed because he hadn't found a save point yet wanted to retain his progress. I shot him a message proposing my theory. He didn't respond. So my new theory is that I creeped him out.


For the record, the reason I left the game on overnight is because I am exceptionally impatient and knew that I would be playing it more in the morning and didn't want to wait for the 360 to boot up and then load the game and my save.

Do you ever stalk your cyber buddies? I typically keep an eye on what my brother is up to... and Fahey, I keep a VERY close eye on Fahey's gaming shenanigans.

How I Haunt My Friends On The Xbox 360 [Multiplayer]

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