Yesterday, Microsoft drew a green line in the sand, showing off much (but not all!) of the platform holder's lineup for the remainder of the year. There were screenshots, trailers, even interviews. Here's the pick of it all.

What most excited you? For me, it certainly wasn't Peter Molyneux's promises. While I admire what the guy has done in the past, and think he still makes interesting stuff, I hear him talk about one of his games prior to its release now and all I hear is white noise.

No, I actually enjoyed that Dead Rising 2 trailer the most. I love it when developers release raw footage of a game; it may suck as entertainment, but as a source of information - in this case, what DR2 will look like when you actually play it - it's priceless.

Stay tuned for Monday when we have plenty more coming from our time at X10.

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