X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Re-Releases [Update: Out Now]

Jeez, it only took decades, but two of the finest space combat games - not to mention best Star Wars games - of all time are about to get a re-release.


Special downloadable versions of both X-Wing and Tie Fighter will soon be released on Good Old Games. They'll be $10 each.

For that price you're getting not just the special editions of the games (which had slightly higher resolutions and improved sound, as well all of both games' expansions), but more importantly they'll be editions of the games that will run on a modern PC without the need to tinker.

The Special Edition offered here, includes Star Wars™: TIE Fighter and Star Wars™: TIE Fighter - Defender of the Empire, both in the 1994 and 1998 versions!

The Special Edition offered here, includes Star Wars: X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM and both Tour of Duty expansions: Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing.

It's crazy that it's taken this long. These games were two of the giants of PC gaming in the 1990s, and from the mission design to the combat still hold up very well today. If you've never played either of them, but keep hearing people like me blabbing on about how fucking fantastic they were/are, this is going to be $10 well spent.

Note that the announcement of both games comes via a GoG forum notice, which spilled the beans a little early. Similar postings reveal other classic Lucasarts games will also be coming to GoG, such as Fate of Atlantis, KOTOR and Sam & Max (though of course they're exciting, since they've long been available on services like Steam).

Given the timing of the posting, it looks like both X-Wing and Tie Fighter will be available as early as tomorrow.

UPDATE: Both games are now out. You can get X-Wing here, and Tie Fighter here.

(via Sir_Crocodile @ NeoGAF]

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I remember the first time I figured out I could not only change my laser shot pattern, but also the orientation of my shields I was speechless for the next fifteen minutes. Then I found out you could change the Engines/Lasers/Shields levels, and wondered if I'd somehow peeked behind the curtain and seen the face of god.