X-Wing Miniatures Game Gets A Reboot

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Fantasy Flight’s money-printing X-Wing, which has been killing it for a few years now, is getting a reboot with a new Second Edition of the game.


Announced today by Fantasy Flight, it makes a number of changes to the way the game’s played, some of them all-new ideas, others tweaks made in reaction to the way people had learned to play the game competitively.

X-Wing Second Edition makes several changes that refine the core mechanics used by the first edition, cleaning up interactions and refocusing the game on the physical act of flying starships. Some of the more noticeable changes include red actions that induce stress, linked actions on ship cards, the introduction of the Force, upgrades with a limited number of “charges,” changes to turrets, and the ability to repair damage on your ships. What’s more, several cosmetic changes have been made to ships as they are rereleased in the game’s second edition, including allowing the wings on new X-wings to move between open and closed positions!

Wait, the force?

X-Wing Second Edition introduces Force powers into the game, giving Force-sensitive pilots an extra edge in the heat of battle. Pilots with the ability to exert their influence over the Force have Force charges that they can spend to perform awe-inspiring feats, far beyond the abilities of normal pilots.

There’s also an official squad-building app being released by FF, and owners of existing miniatures can buy conversion kits that will add the new graphics and tokens to their old models.

A conversion kit for older Imperial ships
A conversion kit for older Imperial ships

The core set, along with a number of day-one expansions, will be out on September 18.

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Luke Plunkett

I’m out. Played and loved this game back at release, but between this, and Imperial Assault, and Armada...I’m at my spending limit on FF Star Wars games.