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X-Wing, Crysis Devs Want To Make A New Space Shooter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The creators of STARFIGHTER INC say their game is “a hardcore team-based PvP multiplayer space shooter in the vein of X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter”. And they should know.

One of the co-founders of developer Impeller Studios, David Wessman, worked at Lucasarts’ on the X-Wing series, first as a mission designer, then as gameplay and story lead on X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. The game’s creative director, meanwhile, is Jack Mamais, who was lead designer on both Far Cry and Crysis.

Sadly, despite the launch of a Kickstarter, there’s not much to actually see of STARFIGHTER INC. Just promises that it’s going to be based on “hard science” (so, proper momentum and turns in space), will have VR support and that it won’t just be dogfighting, with missions requiring teamwork and planning.