WW2 Game Rejected Because It Had Japanese Flags In It

Naval combat strategy and simulation game Pacific Strike was supposed to be out on iPad already. It's not, though, because Apple has two problems with it.

Problem #1 is that there's a bug. OK. Understandable. But problem #2? The game had Japanese flags in it.

According to Apple's App Store guidelines, this is bad because:

"Enemies" within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity.


Putting aside the almost farcical application of applying this rule to a game about the Second World War, there are countless games already on the App Store making enemies of just about everyone.

You'd think, after all these years of people complaining about the arbitrary and sometimes nonsensical policing of the App Store that Apple would do something about it. Guess not!

App Store rejects WWII game over Japanese flags [Pocket Tactics]

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The rationale behind that policy is perfectly understandable to me (a Canadian), as we have restrictions on hate speech written in Canadian law. The freedom of speech isn't an absolute freedom. When a form of speech is intended to incite prejudice and harm against a real group of people, and such incitement is done for the sole purpose of making the other group feel 'good' about themselves; I believe it's crossed the line of what's socially acceptable.

In this particular instance, it seems rather distasteful to glorify a real event where many people from both sides had actually died, and to encourage the player to _celebrate_ the deaths of the 'enemies', as shown in the trailer. This reminds me of the kind of high-fives I saw after the World Trade Center had come down.