Teaser trailers are the cruelest of trailers when done right. A second teaser trailer follows yesterday's look at The Witcher 2 on the 360.

How much teasing do we need?! I'm already anxious to finally get my hands on the 360 version, as I've got no gaming machine to play the PC version on (I know, I know). In the interim, you can dismiss the anxiety with our suggestions of what to watch and play today.

  • WATCH: Careful not to drool all over this The Witcher 2 teaser trailer above.
  • WATCH: Our look at the "impressive" Ram Racing. You know you wanna.
  • PLAY: Eufloria HD is our Gaming App of the Day.
  • WATCH: We've heard the Pokémon love song, but how about a rap?

Did you see a particularly interesting video on the Internet? Know a friend who puts together awesome video game movies? If you have suggestions for Watch This, Play This, drop me a line at tina@kotaku.com and you may just see it featured here the next day.


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