WTPT: A New Max Payne 3 Trailer to Watch and an Addictive Platformer to Play

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It's Thursday, which means it's almost Friday, which means it's almost the weekend! That's a reason to celebrate, right? Let's celebrate with some games and videos. I think we'd all like that.

WATCH: Feast your eyes on this short film, entitled Project S.E.R.A., depicting a woman forced to watch her father turn into a zombie creature thing. It was written and directed by Benjamin Howdeshell, who told Fangoria that the inspiration came from working on an early cut of the first Resident Evil movie:

There is a moment when a dead woman is floating in the water. Alice [Milla Jovovich] walks past her and the camera lingers on this floating corpse. All of a sudden, the dead woman's eyes open and she puts her hand against the glass. I jumped out of my seat, and at that moment I knew that those were the type of films I wanted to make.


The short also features Julia Voth, whose motion acting made the GameCube remake of the 2002 Resident Evil game possible. She is also suspiciously named Jill, and has quite a few kick-ass moves up her non-existent sleeves.

WATCH: Rockstar releases the latest Max Payne 3 trailer.

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PLAY: Flash game Unmanned is an interesting look into this fictional UAV pilot's life.


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Yay, nice to see Julia Voth cast for a RE nod short film. Thats as close to the actual Jill Valentine as it will probably get D:

Unless someone reboots the RE live action movies with Julia of course...