Wrist Computer Very Useful in Your Real Life Wastelands

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Your real-life Pip Boys now come in two flavors - visually accurate, with few functions; or fully-featured with a different design.

You can actually purchase this sucker, which weighs in at more than a pound and measures 4.5 by 3.5 by 3 inches (a whopper, in other words). But the Zypad WR1100 does include a GPS receiver, electronic compass, biometric fingerprint sensors, and a position detector that switches the thing off automatically whenever your arm hangs down by your side.


It does not, however, pick up Galaxy News or Enclave Radio. So while the Zypad may not be good for your cosplay outing, in case of actual nuclear holocaust, it will help you navigate the wastelands. Provided the GPS satellites are still in orbit and functioning.

Military Wrist Computer Takes Over Your Forearm [CrunchGear]

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For any kind of actual field use, I'd imagine there would be cases in which you'd be laying on your side and need to use it.

Shame the "position detector" would assume your arm was hanging at your side and switch it off.

Good call! Much more practical than an on/off switch!