Every year, when the weather finally starts to get warmer, we try to share our experiences from video gaming's biggest conference: the Electronic Entertainment Expo. But instead of snapping pictures of the latest PlayStation 4 (there's a white one now) or posting vines of the crazy lines for the Oculus Rift, I thought I'd show you something else. What are other people taking pictures of?

Ok, so here's a picture of that white PS4. Bonus is Kirk is the photographer all the way to the left.

Here's one from Microsoft's booth. There's always a car and always a crowd taking a picture of said fancy car.

Here's PDP's DJ.

One of Evolve's monsters.

The Batmobile, except I think that one guy got in that other guy's way. Also: tablet photography is still a thing.

Nyko ladies.

Where the battles are fought every night when the showfloor closes.

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