Wow, This Rom-Com Where A Zombie Falls For A Human Looks Surprisingly Good

Love in the time of rotting flesh, I tells ya. Here is footage of the first four minutes of the movie 'Warm Bodies,' (courtesy of Fangando's YouTube account) which is loosely based on the book by the same name. The premise is that 'R,' the zombie protagonist, eats a young man's brain and is then overtaken with love for that man's human companion.

Naturally, hijinks ensue: could a human ever really be happy with a freaking zombie? Hah, what. The entire idea doesn't really make sense, but in a 'this will be amusing indeed' sort of way. Oh, and, apparently this is being produced by the same studio that made the Twilight Saga, so um...yeah.

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I can't wait 'till the vampire/zombie craze dies and other mythological creatures get the spotlight. Like minotaurs or mummies! We can even get Robert Pattinson to act in it, he already looks like a mummy.