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Wow, There Were Female Pilots Cut From Return of the Jedi

This is probably the most interesting piece of Star Wars trivia I have ever come across.

Turns out that there were four female pilots cast and filmed for Return of the Jedi's climatic Battle of Endor. Two of them were A-Wing pilots, the other two piloting an X-Wing, with one, played by Vivienne Chandler, having an entire page of dialogue.

Sadly, according to Star Wars Aficionado, they've remained mostly unknown and unseen until now. The two A-Wing pilots, one elderly, can at least be seen buried in the extras on the Star Wars blu-rays (I've never seen them), but the two X-Wing pilots went straight to the editing room floor. Bizarrely, one of the A-Wing pilots, pictured up top, had her lines dubbed over by a male voice actor in post-production (though people are telling me she's still visible in the film).


If there's nobody at Lucasarts looking at this and stroking their chin, wondering if any of these ladies would make an interesting story for a video game, then... sigh, I just don't know.

GIRL POWER! "JEDI"s FEMALE FIGHTER PILOTS...[Star Wars Aficionado, via Buzzfeed]


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