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Wow, That Blizzard Theme Park May Actually Be Opening

When we told you about Joyland, a Chinese theme park that, ahem, borrowed certain elements from games like StarCraft and World of Warcraft, we had our concerns. Turns out Chinese construction crews care not for our concerns!


A report on Chinese news shows that work has continued on the site, and there are now actually buildings there, many of them looking dangerously close to being finished. So if you figured the park was vapourware, you may be wrong!


With an original projected opening date of "May", that's now been clarified as being May 1, with an opening ceremony scheduled for April 29.

I'm no engineer, but we're halfway through March already and going by that footage there aren't even any roads down. Looks like those construction crews shall have to double their efforts!

World Joyland To Open On The 1st of May! (Video) [MIC Gadget]

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Free advertisement for Blizzard, what more could they have? [/sarcasm]

Anyway, are they going to change everything if Activision Blizzard are telling them they are infringing Activision Blizzard 's IP. Perhaps Kotick wants the profits from this Chinese themepark if there are people coming to the themepark.

And did Activision Blizzard contacts the owner of this "WarCraft" themepark? Not yet?

Come on, Kotaku, call Activision Blizzard and ask for comment!!!