Wow, so, a Ton of People are Suing Sony

While Sony's "Welcome Back" package smoothed over most people's concerns following the PlayStation network attacks in April and May, not everyone is won over. Some are taking Sony to court. And when I say some, I mean many.

The PS3 manufacturer is currently battling a total of 55 class action lawsuits as a result of the PSN security breach, which exposed the personal details of tens of millions of customers.

While many of those are simply from disgruntled individual owners (or groups of owners), there is an additional suit from a major insurance company, Zurich American, which is telling courts it shouldn't have to pay Sony to help it cover the costs of said suits.

It reckons Sony's insurance with the company only covers it against physical damage and injury to its employees, not the kind of cyberattack which was responsible fro the PlayStation Network being brought down for weeks.

This could be a big deal for Sony, which says the total cost of the attacks could run to almost $200 million.


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