Wow, People Are Actually Trying To Buy Smash Bros. Demo Codes

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Certain lucky Club Nintendo members got four special codes today, which can be redeemed for a demo of Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Almost immediately, people started trying to sell these codes—which they got for free.


For a demo everyone can play in a week. It's not even the full game; it only has five characters!

The full game itself costs $39.99 at most retailers, and yet as of this writing, some people are willing to spend up to $31 dollars on the demo. That's almost the full price of the entire game. UPDATE: Now codes are going for up to fifty; more than the actual game costs.


eBay isn't the only place where this is happening, either. The current official Smash Bros. stream will occasionally see someone trying to sell the demo from anywhere between $10 and 100 bucks. Whether or not people bite is another thing. People are joking about spending money on the demo on Twitter, though. The hype is real indeed.

For those of you with some patience, the demo drops on the 3DS e-Shop for free on September 19th.

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They should just release it for everyone this week. The hype is built Nintendo; now you're just being a jerk.