WoW Has Been Down In China For Nearly Three Weeks Now

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As we've told you, Blizzard recently decided to change the company handling WoW for them in China. It was The9, and now it's NetEase. Or, it would be NetEase, if NetEase could actually get the game running again.


The9's service closed down on June 7. It was supposed to be a direct handover, but when The9 stopped running, NetEase's service didn't kick in. And still hasn't kicked in, despite company reps and Blizzard working "around the clock" to get it working.


People here complain when Xbox Live is down for a day. That's nothing! This is a lot of Chinese people without their World of Warcraft (though many have simply migrated to Taiwanese servers), and they haven't had it for weeks. Surprised blood hasn't been spilled in the streets by now.

World of Warcraft Languishes Offline in China [Yahoo! Tech, via VE3D]

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And as if that wasn't enough, they are still stuck with Burning crusade.

At least, the chinese forsaken don't rip up compulsory holes in their shiny new gear to show off old bones and rotting flesh.

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