There Are More Interesting Ways To Kill Your Enemies

In today's Highlight Reel, we have a whole bunch of alternate ways to deal with enemies, from bow and arrow, to using land mines on a chopper, to just pushing a bosses off ledges instead of shooting them.

Watch the video above, then link any of your favorite highlights in the comments, and be sure to check out, like and subscribe the original videos via the links below.

  1. Arrow to a Sword Fight — Playaway
  2. Ran out of RPGs — CantStandYa_649
  3. The Overly Attached Grenade — The Bigs
  4. Destiny Quick Boss Kill— GFdoom
  5. Shooting boss out of target area — MaRs Strife
  6. Killing a Cabal — Femi

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world. If you see or record an amazing feat while playing a game or watching a stream, let us know at

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Wow, guys. I can't believe you guys have gone through all this trouble to fabricate another video of "highlight" footage from the "community" just so you can have another excuse to talk about the largest video game released in recent months!

All this deception for what? Your cut of Destiny's trillion dollar advertising budget??? Hookers and cocaine delivered to your offices by Activision? You all disgust me! And you should be disgusted with yourselves!

I hope when you find yourself rotting in eternal game journalist hell, stripped bare of your mortal souls and your very humanity, you look back on this and realize why you deserve it!!!!!!111