David Tyson, aged nineteen years, is sitting outside of the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square for next week's Gears of War 3 launch party. If David had showed up today I would say that it is a little excessive, but it turns out he has been there since Sunday night.

That's right, he has been camping the launch party for four days already and will be there for another four days.

I can almost see this when it comes to a new console, Gears of War 3 is a game though, not something that's going to end up being in short supply. At first I thought this may have been a stunt by Microsoft or Epic Games, but David says he's really doing this for himself. He did say he has been planning this for a while with his partner to help build buzz for their own sort of event, which will be announced after the launch party itself.

What really makes this even more epic is how he leveled up his party. As of this morning at 1 a.m., four guys from the Bronx joined David after seeing his blog online. Only five more days to go fellas.